LPLC Oscilloscope Demo

The page for this is coming shortly – if you are interested, the LCD module I am using can be found here:

It’s not only a 160 x 128 colour LCD, it’s also an SDMedia card interface – and that’s a great little addition as the SDMedia card interfaces have difficult software mount connections, and this gives you a nice compact interface that fits easily to a breadboard.
You can see the interface on the back of the LCD here:


  1. When will you publish the complete listings, for the Oscilloscope projects, from first attempt with the small display to the larger one. Or have I missed something. Be great if downloadable from this page.

    • Hi Ian,

      I’ve written that process up as a series of articles in the magazine. The code can be downloaded from the magazine’s website.. let me look it up… here
      Some months I wrote about other things, you can just check for a picnmix source code download under each month.

      The oscilloscope demo is still not complete yet, we are adding more features. It’s not fast, but it does work, and is loads of fun to add features to!




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